A tribute to the world of Montu, the Shee built a Monturrarium... Yes, a terrarium of Montu-ness!


Image Description
Download the Monturrarium now! It's a new terrarium for Docking Station! It is based on the Montu world for Creatures 2 and contains some objects from there, plus many new ones.

Download it now...

Please note: Do not install into a world that contains the Norngarden 4 or the Garbage Dump as the room may clash. It is located at coordinates 13 5801 and it's size is 2248 pixels by 1220 pixels. See the room plan here.
More downloads coming shortly... If you would like to make any agents for the Monturrarium, please let me know and I'll happily add them here!

We recommend the following other objects for playing with the Monturarrium...

Image Get it from Description
Vendors Albia 2000 There is a Cactus Juice Vendor included with Monterrarium, along with apples - but you know how hungry Norns can get - might be worth putting some extra food in there!
Electric Wall http://uaine.chani3.com/DS/ Useful for stopping your Norns falling into the piranha pool!

If you enjoyed the Monterrarium, please get:
Montu - a whole new world for C2, as big as the original Albia! Also features the Igua Norns, a new breed of Norn! An entire new world with so many new objects, we lost count! Ostrova is the perfect gift for your Norns! Featuring a new breed of Grendel, the Yerens, and lots of new objects!


About Chaos:

Chaos Development has created many add-ons for the Creatures series of games, including Ostrova (For C3/DS) and Montu (For C2).

Chaos is currently working on a standalone game and an interactive installation.