A tribute to the world of Montu, the Shee built a Monturrarium... Yes, a terrarium of Montu-ness!
Welcome to Monturrarium


The Monturrarium was built by the Shee as a tribute to the large world of Montu that they visited after they left Albia to search for a three dimensional planet.

It is held in ancient Shee mythology that when the Shee left Albia in a spaceship, that a couple of Grendels stowed away on board. The Shee attempted to fight them off and blasted several out into space. The Shee, eventually left the spaceship because of the Grendels, and found a 3D world. The Grendels that got blasted out into space eventually found Montu.

This terrarium is based on that world.

This terrarium is a much smaller version of Montu but it contains many of the key areas - the desert surface, the phirannah pool, the ancient caves and the underground garden.

There are many objects to discover, with more on the way (Keep an eye on our downloads page).

Monturarrium only works with Docking Station at the moment (both docked and undocked worlds), which you can get from here. A C3 version will be released shortly.

Get the Monturrarium from our downloads page.

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About Chaos:

Chaos Development has created many add-ons for the Creatures series of games, including Ostrova (For C3/DS) and Montu (For C2).

Chaos is currently working on a standalone game and an interactive installation.